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Roly Gardner
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Thanks Roger,

That makes the process a whole lot clearer.

To explain "bear the rig away", I really meant to say bear the board away by bringing the rig forward and across which I think you assumed given your reply. I think that I have not been exagerating this movement enough to get the board bearing away quickly. I also think that I should have been looking to flip the sail earlier. I believe that I get to the stage where I am facing directly down wind wailting fo rthe board to fininsh the turn when it never will. I need to flip the sail and power up on the new tack, a bit likr what I do on my tacking. I get the board almost throught he wind, but in an effort to keep things moving through the manoever, lay the rig down and push it froward thus bearing away and getting poered up on the next tack.

I hope to be able to get out soon for a bit of practice and wil give you any feed back.

Thanks once again.

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