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Default iSonic150 or Formula for light wind (short distances)

I was gathering info what to buy so now I narrowed to 2 choises.

I wont to buy a board for one spot where I spend vacations and this is
light wind spot, and distance is ~500 to ~900 meters, > lots of gybes!

I have 95kg and sails 9.0, 7.5, 6.0 and I plan to buy 11.5 race sail (second

About a boards:
OPTION 1 Starboard iSONIC 150 sail range 7.5-11.5
OPTION 2 Formula board

According to spot which is short and I will need a board which will alow me
easier gybes my favourite is ISONIC, please can you give me yor opinion
and advices regarding board and sail
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