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Hi Geo,
thanks a lot for the tips , i used to have the 281 rrd myself back in the days and i agree totally with what you said but at that time neither u nor i knew how fast we were really going but now gps tech will prove real or fake the whole idea...
Still since this is still a *board forum and the board is a *board i hope anyone remembers it ,wood top &bottom, wingers(reminds of s/g?)even concave on the mast track and special concave under the straps to help control the beast.......The point is i think this board had a production board speed record and i certainly will only be using it as a speed board so any tip and info from its past performances will be great.

Geo you seem to know your fins and i thinkk i totally agree tthanks man....
Anyone out there who has speed raced the beast?
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