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Hi All,

Star-Board will introduce next year a complete new Phantom Race with a new construction. The new shape give you a better and more consistent speed up wind with the dagger board. The deck is totally new with something never see before to help you to get on the rail quickly but also to have power in super light wind when you are not on the rail. So up wind the new shape make great improvement in all condition.
Reaching & downwind the new one get a quicker planning and get a better top end speed with more control. Jibe is more smooth and you keep your speed during all the jibe.

All the best

Kombat 86 with S1 5,3
iSonic 86, 111, 133 with Code Red from 5,6 to 10m
Formula Experience 160 with Overdrive 11m
Formula Windsurfing One Design with 11m[/url]
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