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Hi Steen2000,

Regarding the Lessacher weedfins, it has been my experience that they're extremely powerful fins that initiate planing speeds notably early for their size, yet they remain very slippery and quick overall. Also, I find that they pump quite effectively, and I believe this ability works hand in hand in design terms with their awesome resistance to spinout. In a way, Lessacher's designs are mysterious, but much of that is because I lack the technical and engineering background to explain how they work so effectively. However, I can say that they working on a close par with my Tectonics fins, and that says an awful lot. At the bottom line, I don't have to be bummed any more using weedfins, and this fact maybe says much about why I'm such an ardent supporter of Lessacher's weedfins.

Hey, sorry about using this thread about the Apollo and F161 as a foundation for a weedfin discussion. Still, many venues are plagued by weeds, and this fact can make vertical high aspect fins a true pain. I think that even formula type boards would benefit greatly from weedfins when it come to very shallow and/or weedy environments.

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