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anon poster 31, yes it will probably do both,
i am wondering which group "I" will fall into or if in the end l will care. I was thinking of getting into the longboard thing again .
Years ago I raced and liked it , i say like as a good reagatta had everyone on similar gear .
i was and am still a heavy weight so some reagattas i just got killed by skinny doods.
But that didnt bother me as we bascially were on the same kit.
Sail tech was also changing in those years, i had supplied with my Comp SST a 6.4 semi soft sail, great for One Design racing but very underpowered.
So when i got blown by the next guy on a similar board but with a 7.5 ( one of the bigger sail sizes in its day) i wasnt too happy, and It did not make for good competition.
I ended getting a 7.5.
It ended up being an arms race after that. I see this happen in keelboat PHRF racing BUT at least there a rating handicapping system ( PHRF however is extremely simple.)

So here I have sat, sailed my gear havent raced but wondered if i just might buy a used prodigy comp, an old Mistral One design, or equipe 2.
Now I am not so sure, but I do commend the manufacterers for getting the racing longboard back.
But will these new boards by virtue of being so much longer waterline wise and with bigger daggerboard just blow older stuff away period??
The volume of the 380 will sure help heavir guys like me , but are we again back to an arms race, even before sailor proficiency get involved in the equation.
My buddy keeps trying to get me back into it , but i do not see much of a point going to reagattas (3 to 78 hours driving) and racing without the best kit.
So i may be forced to buy the 380 and get to it .

I would much rather have bought a used design, but these may just be dogs now.

I keep watching reports and we will see.
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