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I actually don't remember all the details of the shapes, only how I found the boards on the water. But I recall the E83 had a different shape actually, with a single concave running further back, so I don't see the 09 E80 as a step back towards that. The E83 looks quite different overall if you compare them and both the 08 and 09 80 are much sleeker and with thinner rails. My personal opinion on the E83 was rather that it was less loose, but with a nice kind of "hooky" drive in a bottom turn on a good wave. Maybe at really slow speeds the thicker rails might have given a feel of extra looseness. The big update on the 07/08 was for me the much easier top turn which is there on the 09 too. The 08 was overall a board tha felt more refined and the 09 takes this s step further.

But in any case, the ride is the sum of all the shape details and when many things change, you generally can't say so much by only looking at a particular detail.

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