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Hi everybody,

best thing to do is borrowing one from your friend, and testing it on the water (talking about deboichet, vectors, gasoil... Though deb is my choice)

I was quite intrigued by these products at first, but then I tried the sl2 38 on my 110lts board and then...

Incredible, power, gliding ability, control, pointing, even the jibe felt better and faster. I never thought it would be that obvious. So the best thing to do is try...

In general, I would say that you will get 10 to 20% more performance, and 20 to 30% of more polyvalent use. I explain this, 1 deboichet sl2 38 is better than 2 stock fins 40 and 36. But that's my opinion, just try!

On the other hand, I heard people improved their stock fins by sanding the profile, which gave them more lift and more glide...
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