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Thanks you all for the insights.

Originally Posted by Remi View Post
The F162 was choose over the Apollo simply because the Formula Windsurfing Class want a board for the Olympic who fit the class and the Apollo is not in this case with the 75cm fin.
Thank you Remi for the explanation

Originally Posted by Remi View Post
The Apollo is not in the range for 2009.
In this case I would be grateful for some more advice to figure out whether to try to find a 2008 Apollo still available or just go for the 162.

My primary targets (from most to least important) are:
(1) plane as early as possible (and am prepared to pump as much as I can to achieve this)
(2) point upwind with as high VMG as possible in marginal winds (cca 8 kts)
(3) achieve as high speed as possible on a beam reach in marginal winds (cca 8 kts)

Am I correct assuming that the Apollo would give me a "measurable edge" (e.g. pulling away by few % when drag racing) over the 162 on all the above points?

If the difference is "measurable" as above I would try to hunt down an Apollo 2008, otherwise I would go for the 162...

Thank you in advance for any input.
Kind Reards,

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