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Default RE: iSonic 87, 94 or 101

Ian, thanks for your reply

But I'm just wondering; wont it be just perfect with the 111 and 87? I mean, when the 111 starts to fly with 6.7, the 87 will be just perfect, won't it? Besides, since the Code: Red's have a v?ry long delivery time (My dealer expects them to arrive at the end of May, when I ordered in January!) I'll be sailing with a 8.5 and 7.0 Tushingham Lightning. You say a 7.7 would already be a big sail for the 101, so that would mean I practically won't be able to use my 8.5 for about half a year!

What are the big differences between the 101 and 111, that makes you and Kevin in favour of the 101? After all, I wont be having a bigger slalom board so I'd completely lose my ability to plane early, when I buy the 101, don't you think?

It just doesn't ''seem'' right to buy the 101, how weird that even may sound. I really enjoyed the lightwind performance of the 125 iSonic, but it was a little bit too big for me and since I'm expecting to sail with a 7.7 as a max. sail, I chose for a smaller one.

But what you're saying, is that the 7.7 will get me started even sooner on the 101? Or am I mistaken?

Maybe I just don't understand what you're trying to tell me (ashamed, ashamed )?
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