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OK let's put it another way. I understand 100% your point of view: to test materials, you have to have them available, and to have the will to swap and test instead than just blazing around and have fun...
When I sailed my Sonic95 the first time, I immediately realized that there was something wrong with the fin, specifically it gave a bad feeling at speed like if it was constantly on the verge of spinout. Bad feedback. I sensed it, and that's why I decided to order something different.
If '09 Drake fins were just like '06, my suggestion would be: those are dogs, don't even try to sail them and order immediately some good ones. But it seems things have changed quite a bit (by the way, I don't see why any correctly machined or moulded epoxy fin should be that worse than any other one of the same kind). So put those fins under your board, go sailing, and, when and if you understand there is something wrong, and only then, start looking for replacements. It might well be that '09 Drakes are well above your needs, or their defects (if any) well below your sensibility threshold. After all, those are the fins Starboard decided to supply with their boards, so are supposed to provide adequate performances.
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