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ive been in fuerteventura on summer while they (PWA)compete in slalom 42 an take a look in every aspect I can see opf their equipment.
the truth is all of them use hitech fins like deb,vect,etc but I was thinking perhaps thi is because they get paid for it?
if a fin is so determinant to a board and we are buying state of the art racing boards at 1800 I will not care paying 200 more to be sure im on the best and at the same time any brand shoud try that their customers had the best fin to be competitive whith other boards brans.
ex: get a starboard an a bad fin and race to fanatic good fin, the result is fanatic 1st because of the fin, the starboard sailor will chage his board...
this sounds ilogical but isn it a big risk for anybrand not to be sure their fin is the best????
regards juan1
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