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Default Board repairs (2008 Starboard Futura 133, Technora)

I damaged the nose of my board from a catapult or 2 and after going through the Starboard repair info and Eva's ( website I still have the following questions:

What is Technora?

What are the advantages of this fibre/why is it used?

Is the Technora used on the inside or the outside of the PVC foam?

On the Starboard web site technology page, the board drawing seems to indicate that the Technora is only used in certain places (nose, foot areas). Do you know what areas for the board mentioned above?

If it is damanged, what should Technora be replaced with?

Once the outer layer of fiberglass is sanded off of the dent, is there a way to tell if the layers of fiberglass below the PVC foam will require replacement? I don't want to excavate that far if I don't have to.

How narrow can a repair be (On my board, I'm thinking about the line from the dent to the decal?

When a dent is not very deep (say 1/32Ē or so) without any puncture, what layers are typically being damaged? (I.e. What layers have reached yield point?) Is it typically limited to the outer fiberglass and the PVC foam layer?

On my board, I am having trouble understanding the "crack/line" of damage that goes from the dent back to the decal? This cracked area would have been subject to less stress than the depressed area so I canít see why it would crack. Have you seen this type of damage before? What are the chances itís just the outer paint?

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