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Hi Ronnie.

Waiting at the bus stop as you call it is a technique from Maui on large powerful waves and does not work on many waves around the world.

Slightly onshore mushy waves are very different and only have power at the very top with nothing at the bottom. So you are hit directly with maximum power which shoots you down the wave but you have no power at the bottom to do your turn.

What you could try next time is come in a little down wind of the peak riding the swell upwind looking for the peak to develop. Then doing a backside off the lip to send you in the other direction frontside down the line.

Or if you know exactly where the peak is going to develop you can do a bottom turn on the soft part of the wave upwind of the peak at speed and start your front side wave ride with an off the lip. In other words you back door the wave.

Hope this helps.

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