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Hi all,

2 bad weekend for windsurfing but the fellow would be great I hope! The First weekend, light wind and nice waves but my foot is out I stay at home... This weekend we drive four hours for good conditions (40 knts and big big rain). We go on water and 30 minutes after wind stop grrrrrrr. Just few minutes at planning with the EV70 and 5.0 in really strong current.
First impressions are really good, the board seem to be very reactive to plane good upwind but the 15 fins are probably too short for my blade 5.0 and my 80 kg.... I need 16 fins I think, the 15 will be really good with my 4.2 and 3.7. Unfortunately no surf but it seem to be fast to change direction and the shortest OFO I love.
More infos after long 4 weekend the last week. We hope high winds and good 2-4m swell in cotentin
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