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Default Need help for choosing the right volume !

I need a secound opinion ,because I have a board with 108 liters but now I'm going to fly to sotavento and so I think i will need a second board (a smaller one of course) .
But now I'm not sure which one i should choose because I haven't tryed out a smaller one yet and I don't know the big different between 108 and 80/ 90 liters.
My weight is 65 kg and I surf since 4 years and waterstart, jibes ,footstrabs are no problem .
So would it be better to buy a board with 80 liters (kode) ?
86liters (kode) ?
89liters (Kombat08)?
94Liters (Kode) ?
96liters (Kombat08) ?

and how many liters do you surf at bump and jump conditiones for a 4,2 qm and 4,7 qm sail ?

Thanks for answering ! Tim

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