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your damage is typical after a hard hit firstly you need to repair using epoxy resin and I would suggest trying to get hold of some carbon fibre cloth as its much stronger than most other fibreglass cloths.You don't need to use technora but if you can get it fine.I'm afraid that to repair you need to be brutal you will need to take off a lot more of the surface area then you think .You basically need to get back to sound surfaces under and on top before you can do the laying up and wetting out of the fibre glass cloth. Not sure about your board but most of the boards I have repaired have the foam core,a layer of hard foam then fibreglass,carbon, technora ,wood or whatever ,cloth wetted out with epoxy resin then a hard gell coat,then paint the on the top of the board none slip,Once you open out the damaged area you will see how far into the board you need to go,Its not complicated but if you are not used to working fibre glass resin,then you might struggle.The biggest problem you are going to have is that you will be hard pressed to get a good cosmetic finish, The structural side is easy,its the finishing off that takes the skill,The problem is that when you sand back the repaired area inevitably you take off about two inches of paint either side of the crack, The crack you talk off will have damaged the gell coating at the least,and probably the fibre layer as well sand it back to have a look.\If you are indoubt suck on the crack and if you can suck air then its through to the core.If not then you are lucky.Board lady's site is good for seeing what to do but it depends how skilfull you are . Isnt there a repairer in your area,Its a new board and a shame to loose value if the repair isn't cosmetically finished you're wiping off about half of the value.Where abouts are you. If in uk can guide you to a couple of guys who can repair and you will not see where they have been they even have access to new graphics.Good luck

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