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Ian Fox
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Default RE: iSonic 87, 94 or 101

Hi Julian,

Sorry if it got more confusing that wasn't the plan..

The 87 and 111 are for sure a better spaced quiver (when you are concerned about light wind slalom also).

Maybe I misunderstood in your first post, when you made the comment about "optionallly missing the early planing" to mean you were interested to consider to sacrifice low end range in favor for mid to top end in this 101 vs 111 decision.
( a lot of GPS-SS guys, for example, would be in that "top end" mode).

So IF you were in that mode (seems that was wrong ?) then I would suggest looking at 101, as it does very well(relative) against 111 in light conditions (moreso with the active style - as described above) - and obviously has it over the 111 in mid to top end conditions. Plus, it's just a super sweet ride. Really fun as well as really fast.

But, in the case that you want to have some half decent light wind and good complimentary range to iS87, then for sure iS111 is better.
The difference with the 101 at the top end (crossover to 87) is that with 101/87, you would have more option to be on either 87 or 101; with 111/87 you will need to be more sure to be on the right board. If you were NOT interested in the light wind range of the 111 (but you are) , then my suggestion was to consider the 101/87.

With 75kg, the 101 will carry an 8.5 OK - but at the top end of the sail/board sweetspot. With 111 you will have a more in reserve for 8.5m conditions, and obviously 111 will be a better choice in these marginal conditions.

7.7 will get you started quite well even on 101, but with 111 you will get started with 7.7m even sooner than 101. No question.
The delay on the new Code:RED's might be a bit frustrating, but it will be worth it - the new ones are pretty special.

Hope this clears it all up, if not, well, let us know

Cheers ~ Ian

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