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For B&J at Sotavento for your 65 kg:

- Pure Acid/Kode 68 with 4.2 & 4.7 wave/freeride sails in steady high wind.
- in more gusty & unsteady conditions, a bit more volume reserve up to Pure Acid/Kode 74 or Kombat 79/Kode 80 might be an advantage.

Anything larger than 80 L is plain unnecessary balast in high wind for your light weight. Keep the 108 L board for lighter wind and larger sails.

FYI with my 65 kg, I'm using an Acid 62 L with 4.2 (30-35 knots wind) & 4.7 (25-30 knots wind) wave sails for hardcore freeriding, B&J and dead onshore waveriding. Kombat 86 is an option with such tiny sails in very gusty ON/OFF unsteady conditions but it's kindda feel big as compared to the tiny Acid 62 in strong wind and big swell with my light weight. Forget Kombat 95 & Carve 111 with 4.2 & 4.7 sails, way too large & bumpy ride a board.

In sum:
Acid 62 with 5.4/4.7/4.2/3.6/3.3/3.0 wave sails; wind range 20-45+ knots.
Kombat 86 with 6.9/6.2/5.4/4.7/4.2 freemove/wave sails; wind range 12-30+ knots.
Carve 111 with 8.2/6.9/6.2/5.4 race/freemove/wavesails; wind range 11-25 knots (not in use anymore precisely because it felt way too large for B&J/light wind waveriding. Same story with a Kombat 95).

Cheers !

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