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Lightbulb severne S1 vs Blade - wave sailing

Aloha everyone out there,

I got a chance to buy on Ebay a 2008 5.9 Severne S1 and need some advice. I am 84 kg and will use it on my 2008 Kombat 105L for low-wind wave and bump and jump, and on a smaller (85L) Mistral wave board. COnditions mainly ON, side-onshore but sometimes side and side-off.

Is the S1 a sail you'd recommend, considering I am not an expert wave sailor but I am improving constantly? Should I better buy a Blade? Another option is a 5.9 NP Alpha from 2008 which would come cheaper but 2nd hand.

I am looking for a good wave sail, extra-strong and possibly not too unconfortable in windy, powered conditions ... a sail that is light a disappears and doesn't feel too powerful when you're waveriding. Is the S1's window easy to break and so should I better go for a Blade?
thanks mates and buon vento
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