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hi sauls they get the graphics direct fron starboard,they are simply stuck onto the board and the non slip applied over the top. Some boards have painted on graphics and the guys buy a template from the manufacturs and stick this on the board and spray the graphics on. If you go onto the sb site they give you the correct spray colours(or used to its a while since I looked) in pantone colours,Not available in uk but it can be matched here in motor factors paint suppliers, I would honestly take the advice of steve ,your board is too new and too valuable(bearing in mind all boards are going up since cobra factory put the price of their blanks up) to risk messing it up. Apart from the repair as previously said cosmetically you need to be able to spray paint as well as prepare,Spray cans are very difficult to use ,again unless you are used to them, You will get runs and sags and the resultant mess. Board lady could probably get your board to look as new. Good luck with it

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