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Default F-Type 138

Hi Roger - it is turning cold here in Canada so it is time to start thinking about new boards!
Currently I have: Serenity, FF158 (04), Futura 122, Retro's 10 (on order),8.5,6.5 & 5.2 ezzy.

I am thinking about switching my ff158 for a F Type 138 (on closeout). I would use the Ftype with the 10.0 and 8.5. Great Lakes (choppy) or small lake. 90kg waterstart & jibe.

I love the ff158 except - it is getting somewhat beat up from alot of use
- hard to sail in rougher water (great lakes)
- requires alot of pumping to get going
How do you think a F Type 138 (88cm) would work - with a 10.0 retro - in rougher water 10-20 knots - and how much early planing would I lose compared to the 158.

Because I like to sail the serenity up to 10knots - I don't really require the extra low end anymore.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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