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Default Straight back leg?

Hi Roger,

When I am blasting across the water I typically have a straight back leg and bent front leg (opposite of all the pictures I see). I end up in this stance in order to make upwind performance and even keep a nice beam reach. The most I ever get is two straight legs. Consequently I end up spinning the fin a lot due to the back leg pressure. Is this stance due to harness position or mast track position? My most used gear is a 7.5 retro on a naish vector 114 with a true ames 34 convert or a 44 sweeper depending on the amount of chop. I'm a 6 ft 170 lb guy. I position the mast track in the center. As far as harness goes, I can sail for a couple of seconds without hands. I tend to set the lines so that the sail drifts forward and requires a little back hand pressure. I can't help but feel that I've learned an abnormal stance due to gear setup and hope that fixing this will help unlock more speed, keep better balance in jibes, achieve better sailing angles, ... Thanks for any help.

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