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I'm Using the new Gaastra Gold Series 550, In the specs the mast tell to be a 37 IMCS but checked here with a friend we find the mast is a 35 and constant curve ( no hard top like older Gaastra masts).

Our Severne dealer is also Neilpryde dealer, then for race sails they just are importing Neilpryde. This sail is one of two units they import last year and I buy very cheap. Some days I feel the sail very sweet but other days I feel the sail very unconfortable (pesada), and not stable in winds from 15 to 18 knots.
Im using the lower eylet for the boom and the battens very tensioned in the lower ones and very low tension ( almost nothing) in the upper battens.
Other think I have doubts is with the camber spacers how do you know the best settings? Is there any rule for this? I try to understand a little more.
I use to be a Gaastra sails user ( all the Nitros and a couple of Neutrons) I always had problems with camber rotation. With the Code Red the camber rotation is ok, then I assume the spacing is also ok ( is this enough?).

Thanks for your support.

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