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Hi Jean-Marc
Intermediate level. Upwind & down wind planing in harnes and some carve gybes.
I am 95kg weight. And on my futura 133 sail range is 6,0-9,0 so I assume that with
this board I can not get any more "juice" in light wind. I also use limited pumping but
in accordance to my fitnes level.

I am realy interested if someone has experince, how much I will plane sooner in knots
just with change of the board?

i.e if Futura133+9,0 I am planing in 14 knots, SHELL I Plane with iSonic150+9,0 at ~12 knots????

Because if I get something with only change of the board I can look for 10,0m2 sail. And
if this is not case I will maybe look for 11,0m2 sail.
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