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Unfortunately, I have no experience with Futura 133 and a 9.0 sail with my 65 kg. However, I feel that anything larger than 9.0-9.5 m2 sail with a 48 cm fin will be suboptimal on such a board. Useless to rigg a 10.0 or 11.0 sail on this board because of your heavy weight, thin tail and the 49 cm OFO width limitation IMHO.

I have a pal who weights 105 kg. With a Carve 162 and stock 52 cm fin ( Futura 155), he can start and sustain the planing as of 12 knots with a freerace 9.5 m2 sail. His 11 m2 sail doesn't bring anything better at further lowering his planing threshold with such a board for him. For planing below 10 knots of wind, he's using a Formula + 70 cm fin + 11 m2 sail combo.

So, if you really want to lower your planing threshold, I'm afraid you have to realistically consider something like an 11 m2 sail paired with an iSonic155 or a Formula combo for your weight.

Cheers !

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