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Default wave sail size-ola,kevin?


a question of a wave sail size for 160 lbs person and a "classic" wave board (8'2" - 76ltrs)..
i currently have relativly new 3.3 sail for occasional stormy winds, and two "older" sails ('01 manics:5.0 and 4.2). my nex step up, or should i say down(when the wind drops) is slalom equipment.
so , if i use slalom to approx. 20kts , and still keep 3.3. for ,say, 35 kts and above, which ONE sail size i would need?
one other factor is that i do not need it for wave sailing (maybe once in 10 times) but more for "bump'n'jump" sailing.

i would presume this sail would use 400 mast, and i am certain it would be rdm. in that case, would it be better to use this mast on my 3.3 also, rather than existing 370 sdm (35%carbon), which i could than sell?

thank you
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