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Default RE: SB2007 website is online now, please post your comment here.

The good thing regarding registration is that online relationships seem to form when you are sure you are talking to the right person.

Take a look at the Boards UK forum and you will see that people open up more and the regulars know each other well. This, I hope, will now develop on an international level as people begin to trust this system.

The rest of the site is begining to grow on me and hopefully soon the bugs will be ironed out.

For me it is still running slowly and I'm still getting error messages. I am unable to find the search button but I tended to use google to search the site anyway. There's also no label appearing next to the logon check box.

Another annoyance is the borders appearing on mouse over certain images. A quick fix that I am sure will come with time.

Plus, I'm sure as per last year, more images of the boards will come with time.

Keep up the good work with the site.
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