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Originally Posted by mim View Post
Well I have an element 8.5 08 for my S-Type 137 as a light wind sail.
And I can only recommend it to you (another option would be Glide from Severne...3 cams compared to two, but as the wind gets a bit stronger it is not that easy as very low wind much effective!).

I use an older 470 mast icms 26 and the sail is working really nice, planning realy fast, stable, easy handling, rotates smoothly.

I thing on your amex 460 it should be working...some severne are more lively and faster on softer masts than recommended and so I thing it should be no problem.

Go for it and you will not regret.
Ciao Michal.
Thanks Michal, in your comparison with Glide, it's not clear to me if you are considering the 7,5 or the 8,5 and witch is more effective in very low wind (element or glide 7,5 or 8,5). What's the wind range you use element 8,5 (hw heavy are you?) and when the wind is stronger what is your next sail?
Last question, any comparison with north r-type 8,5?
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