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Originally Posted by Ola_H View Post
One more remark: For some reason - and this holds both for me and my friends - it seems that if you first go in and sail for something like 20 minutes and then go up and get you hands warm, then you can afterwards sail for much longer without getting cold. It's like a kind of tempering.

This is a very effective strategy. The problem with it when it's really cold is that your body as a whole might get cold as soon as you're on land, not keeping active. But some extra layers of clothing while on land will help with that.
I read the same thing on the Dutch forum and when i went surfing on Saturday i tried it and it does work. At first my hands barely survived 2 runs (partially cuz i was testing a new board and i had a couple of 'feel' issues, as was to be expected) but then i warmed my hands for about 10 minutes in my towel and went in again and i managed to pull of 6 runs before i lost the strength in my hands. I warmed up again and went in but the wind started falling by then and my mate had broken his board so i didn't bother to rigg my 6.2 and we went to work on the storage/chilloutspace.
My wetsuit seemed to be inpenetrable for the cold. i had no problem with the windchill factor even though there was a 6C difference between the air and the water with northwestern winds blowing in, so as far as wetsuit goes i'm no longer concearned. With a thermic lycra underneeth it i think i can pull off 5C water before actually feeling the effects of the cold on my body.
The thing i wonder though now is: what are good gloves ... i'm useing Triboard openpalm gloves with my prolimit half finger summer gloves to protect my palm a bit but none the less my fingers freeze over quite fast. Are there like more specialized wintergloves?
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