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Default RE: Evo for bump n' jump

Hey PeterK,

A couple of months ago I bought an 04 evo92. I wanted a board for wavesailing in really light winds for down the line, small and big waves, and the deal my local shop was offering was hard to resist. While this wasn't exactly the optimum use of the board, it works well enough. The wind I can now go out in and wavesail, is like a whole new dimension of sailing, and I get a lot more sailing days. I use a 6.1 on it, but the 22cm fin it came with was a bit small for this setup, with my weight of 178lb so I put on a 24cm. Perhaps at your weight with a 22cm might work. Anyhow, bottom turning such a big setup even in overhead waves wasn't too bad at all, so probably more so in 3/4 foot swell. But if you want a board for 4.0-5.7 conditions at your weight maybe the next size down (80litre + ?) would be something to think about for your needs. I haven't tried it in mush but I bet it would work too.
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