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It's notable how so many of the top pro windsurfers in the world today always seem to be angling and trading sponsers these days. But for many of us out here, it's a bit of smoke and mirrors, because the realities of everything going on usually remain mysterious and clouded. Of course, many folks do the same thing with their careers over time.

Kind of in contrast, it's interesting to consider Robby Naish's professional career after his early Windsurfer brand days. Until he elected to form his own company, he was totally dedicated to Mistral and Gaastra. Still though, those days were very different times.

Nevertheless, over my career, I was one those folks that hung tough and basically remained dedicated and loyal to a single firm. However, in all honesty, that says a lot about my personality and character. It may have been a mistake overall and I could have realized more, but it was what I did.

The one thing that I've noted about Starboard, and very likely, something to do with the character of Svein Rassmussen and how he runs his company, their are many interesting and very talented folks that stick with the brand over the years. To me, I value that.
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