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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Isonic 2007 -> 2006 changes

Hi Tim,

Having been very involved in the smaller iS and previous Sonics development and testing, I can give you the following feedback with some reasonable experience?.

Q1 = Are the smaller isonics 94-87 completely new boards or an evolution from the old sonic 85-95?
A1= Both. And that is not being evasive. The 2007 iS87 and 94 are very much evolution from the previous Sonics, which themselves had an extensive and successful evolution for many years and formed a proven benchmark against which to thoroughly test new concepts (iS87/94). In development, we tested some extreme iS versions of the new boards and tried many options that had proven effective elsewhere in the model range. Some features we found beneficial in iS87/94, some we found actually went too far and compromised the overall performance of the design for a smaller gain in one area only; these features were evaluated and tested, the end result is some of the more radical aspects were reduced in iS87/94 and the result is more moderate (and thus closer in some aspects to S85/S95) than the more radical protos tested. In summary, we tested a lot of things in a lot of conditions and only the best (but maybe the less fashionable) things went thru. The new boards are fully new designs for 2007 and fully new molds etc, but carry a very positive heritage from previous S85/95. The result and product is true.

Q2 = Will the smaller isonics (from 133 down on) be available in what used to be dram?
A2 = No, not under the current plans. iS is majority focused on performance and as such the majority market wants the better performance option. Larger iS have potential to support the (previous) F-Type market and as such are offered in Technora as an option.

Q3 = Are there a lot of substantial changes to the 101-111-122-133 models?
A3 = Yes, these are second generation versions of what was (for 2006) a new model, so logically there is a reasonable amount of refinement that can be achieved in that first to second year upgrade. That does NOT render the 2006 iS obsolete (look at Antoine?s recent results to see the 06 can still kick butt in any case) but there are realistic levels of improvement/upgrade/evolution in the second generation iS.

Q4 = It's up to you to convince me to go for the isonic (94 or 87)
A4 = Well, we rather let the product and the performance speak for itself. The results to date are pretty clear, there is no doubt they could not have been achieved if the board (or any other aspect of the rider/rig combo) was not at the very top of the heap. The testing and development for the 2006 iS has continued full bore for 2007 (probably even more). We?ll leave it to you to make the decision

Q5 =My weight is about 74 kg and i surf on flat water (very choppy most of the time) in Holland
A5 = OK, but if you would like us to recommend one of iS87or 94, please let us know your sail size range (min/max/typ) and also the style of sailing you will prefer on iS (slalom race/blasting/speed?)
All of those things are serious factors to decide the choice.

Ian Fox ~ StarBoard Team
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