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Default Board for heavy sailor


I have been sailing for 15 years but have now stopped for 1 year and sold all my equipment but 1 "old" Freeride 102l board. I recently moved to Helsinki/Finland but have so far not sailed here. As far as I now the normal wind breeze is around 9-13knots wihout any angle effect from low pressure, when it then goes up to 20 knots.

During the last 5-6 years I have been sailing with SB Formula boards and my above mentioned freeride board. My question is whether I should stick to the Formula class or go with an Isonic or Futura? I'm looking for early planning and speed (upwind/downind is nice to have, but early planning is more important). I won't be able to test any boards.

I will just use it for weekend surfing but still want to feel the thrill of sailing at decent speed and having a lively board under my feet.

I'm 1,88m tall and weight 93kg. I planning to buy 1 board and 2 sails (easiest to get here are MauiSails, Severne and Neilpryde). Any suggestions? By the way, would someone be able to recommend a decent wetsuit/drysuit? I'm originally from Brazil and the water over here is too cold for me (even in summer).

I will not be able to sail during the next 4 months but want to place an order at the local importer to guarantee I have a board when the season starts.

All tips are welcome.
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