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Hi Birmoser

It's not an easy question Formula vs. slalom for lightwind recreational sailing. I've sailed Formula for 2-3 seasons, and then gave up, now my "lightwind" gear is iS122+9.0.
If you have steady, average 9-13 knots, you can go for a larger slalom (133 for example), paired with 9.0-9.5 sail. You will lose:
1. some early planing
2. some up/down wind angles compared to Formula
But in my opinion it's worth it the moment you stomp on the rail for an exciting fast gybe ;-) The handling is just so much better it's incomparable. Of course if the winds are fickle/holey, etc, you'll clock much more tow on a Formula.

Wetsuits: I can recommend Gul Delta. Very high neck collar and T-zip make it almost 100% dry, except in face plant wipeouts ;-)

I forgot about the sails: go for 7.5/7.8 + 9.0/9.5

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