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In addition to Roger's excellent post:
-You're 95kilos. Tiny, pin-tailed and wave rockered 70l board. You're on a 4.2. On a freshwater lake. Presumably gusty inland winds. Well yes, you need a sh*tload of wind to get/stay planing. For your weight, I wouldn't call 32 knots an "immense" gust, I would rather say "beginning to look like optimal" ;-)))))) - for that gear.

I'm 86 kilos, (freshwater lumpy mess and gusty winds) and I use 74l acid in near gales. You're heavier and you have a smaller, older wave banana (presumably, I'm not familiar with that model). I guess you're not going to use it that often (but boy you'll remember those sessions). Alternatively, you could look for something like 78l Kombat to use as a high-wind board next to your 90l.

With regard to sails: I use Tush Storms, they are excellent "high-wind freeride" sails. Why? Because some wave sails are designed to have an "on/off" feel to them, which is important for wave sailors to depower on the wave face, etc. But on mental b/j days, you may find you prefer steadier, solid power delivery of the Storms (I'm sure other makes have something similar).

PS Welcome to the world of sinkers and good luck! Soon you'll find your bigger gear somewhat boring ;-)

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