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Originally Posted by Screamer View Post

Go for 111. I use 122 for 7.3-9.0 sails, I'm 86kg. You say your biggest sail is 7.3 at the moment, so no need for a 122 unless you plan to use 9.0 a lot. I wouldn't put a 9.0 on an iS111, but at 70kilos maybe you can get away with it. 8.5 is the biggest I would call a good combo.

Btw, I think you ask too much of ANY board if you want it to be really comfortable with a 6 and a 9. Imho of course, tried and tested, possible but very far from ideal.

Edit: hey where has the small Angulo gone? (from your equipment list). Do you like your acid better after some time? We had a discussion last year, about high wind boards, and I'm glad i went for Acid74. It really is a freshwater gale board for me.
Hi Screamer (and thanks Chris), it looks like the 111 is best. (Edit: Although now I am looking at the JP Super Sport 118 and it seems ideal, a bit longer, bit more volume.)

The ML is an old big course board (268x75.5) that is starting to delaminate a bit on the rail (it is a racing eggshell). The optimal sail size is probably 7.5-9.0. It does goes upwind with the authority of a Formula with a 50cm fin.

The Chango is still around, it is a great board but unfortunately it requires steady strong winds that at least last year where not there, I might sell it (it is on iwindsurf right now).

The Acid 74 is probably here to stay. It is "fast" (well ... I clocked it at 28, my best is 39 knots on the CA Slalom 52), obviously manouverable, but I still do not like it too much in very heavy chop and sub-4.2 (I am 10-15Kg less then you).

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