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haha, thx Screamer.
After my 90 L session i'm just dying to get on it again!
As for the Wave Warrior, it's not mine (luckily, it's so not a good board for inland lakes!), and i'm guessing, with the progression i made in my first 4 years with a maximum of 14 planning days a year compared to now with already a TOW planning threshhold of 30 days i'll be able to pull of 75L boards in a year or two. But first i want to learn to ride waves in medium wind conditions (like a steady 19 knts and 6.2) (see thats the biggest problem with being heavy, if you want to learn wave, you don't wanne get in over your head with 2.5 m waves strait away) so i can progress to the maximum of my 90L before i go and buy new, and even more gear (my dad isn't too pleased whenever i come home with yet another board to the collection we already have (like 6 boards or so, of which i alone use )
with regard to the sail. I did feel the on/off thing you're talking about, but i really liked it. The sail was totally nervous but it cought every gust perfectly if i wanted it to and in high winds that's a plus in my opinion. I'm actually considering changing my 5.5 freeride sail for a 5.5 wave sail for that specific reason (also cuz it's a Gaastra Pilot and has no precise tuning possebileties which makes it's all or nothing to sail with).
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