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Smile i sonic 111

Hi Guys!!! This is the first time i will write in the forum althogh i read you guys a lot. I want to share my expierence with my new i sonic 111 2009. I tried Carlos D's board a couple weeks ago and seemd so easy to sail with my 8mts sail (i weight 62 kgs and that's the biggest sail I plan to use), even for me that I am pretty new in this sport.
I decided to buy it and could not be happier!!!
It goes planning with almost no wind (11 knts) with 8.0 NP V6 and its very confortable and feels very safe. I find the straps pretty hard and unconfortable, but that's not important you can always change them. Very easy to gybe (I am learning, but get most of them with out faling) and I can even tack. I had no problems spinning out with the 44 cm fin but had so with the 36 one. I never sailed so fast with that much control. I am not planning to go on competitions or anything like that, I just sail for fun, I am a freerider. One of the guys that owns the windsurf school of my club who races slalom and formula was surprised, he told me, so you bought a real race board? Are you planning to race or something?, and I told him that I just want to have fun sailing, and i think this board is very easy to ride and for someone intermediate like me that could buy a futura or something similar I would hardly recommend this board, is simply as easy to sail as the futura but much much faster!!! and fells safe.
Today I had a great 2 1/2 hr planning with 7.0 and 12-14 knts.
Thank you Pipo!!! (Carlos D).
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