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Default RE: Help - Water in the hole!

So Roger.... when you wick the vent hole with a paper towl do you just keep dipping it and taking it out and using another corner of the towl to wick or do you just leave the wick in the vent hole for a period of time?

Also you mentioned putting the board out in the sun to heat up then put the vent plug in and let it cool to draw all the water to the vent plug then when it has cooled take the plug out and wick it good
Can this process be done serval times a day? for instence if i put the board in the sun in the morning and it heated up and started bubbling in the vent hole, then put the vent plug in and put the board in the airconditioned house to cool right down and wick it then repeat this procees over for a number of times a day. Is this enough time for the water to draw itself to be wicked? or should this be done once in the day leaving it in the sun for all hours just before the temp drops then put the vent plug in and let it cool durring the night to be wicked?
Is this stupid to consider?
thanks for your patients Roger
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