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Default Darko: Longboards are not for use in only 1 to 3 knots wind!

But working and fun from 1 to 30+ knots wind, and in any directions! this is the real matter, and opposition is between people who want to sail and race in any conditions and places and people who want to sail and race only in windy conditions and places.
Sorry, but the mass did not turn his back to the longboard because they find it boring, but because the longboard has been increadibly discredited in favor of the short board.
I read articles in all the mag in the 90' describing the long daggerboard items as only for "blaireaus" I do not know how to translate in english, let's say "stupids"... all these writers are currently out of work!
The economic story of the windsurf business should be teached in school as the sample of how to destroy a business!
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