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Default Help with severne sails

First of all sorry because mi english is very poor, ok?

I Use severne Sails and i goes to buy all my wave sails what do you think that would be better?
I sails in Spain in north coast with big & powerfull waves. And the winds usally are onshore, but shide & off Shore too.
My weigth is 70kg
My boards are Evo 90 & evo 75 or 70 i don't know what to buy.
I'm thinking in S1 5.7, blade 5.0 & blade 4.2, do you thing that it's ok? or can bo better the renegade's or S1's?
And i'm thinking too in the small board one Evo but i don't know if 75 or 70 liters

thank you

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