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In my opinion, the idea that the windsurf industry is responsible for the downturn in, or the destruction of the sport, is a flawed argument. Moreover, I think that a focus on someone to blame for the changes that have affected the sport over time is unquestionably off the mark. If anyone's to blame, one only has to look at the folks that abandoned the sport and moved on to other interests or responsibilities. But really, how can anyone even blame them? The sport of windsurfing requires a lot of dedication and a level of interest that not everyone can commit to over the long haul. Frankly, that's a stark reality that's undeniable.

Went folks more recently bailed from windsurfing in big numbers and moved to kiting, who's to blame for that? No one really, those folks simply lost interest in windsurfing and eagerly migrated to something they felt was more interesting. In time, those folks may abandon kiting too, and ultimately move on to something else. Human nature is really a bit fickle when it comes down to it, and it's often hard to maintain interest over a long period of time. Interest, in my view, comes from within as an internal drive or flame, and unfortunately, it's readily subject to change at any time.

Rather than dwell on the past looking for someone to blame, I'd prefer to look to the future and think positive. The sport of windsurfing offers incredible opportunities on so many fronts. Not everyone will see the opportunities, but I'm confident that some interested folks will give it a shot, at least for a while.
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