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Mike T
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I think windsurfing and longboards are having a bit of a resergence due to Stand-up board craze. With the new SUP boards with mast tracks and dagerboards it makes sence for people in light wind areas. Mainly because it's a multi use board that everyone can have fun on. It's also fun for famillies, I take my my 6 and 8yr old kids SUP and when the wind picks up they like going for rides in the Gulf of Mexico. I would love to see more people out windsurfing but as Steve C said people change and they move on to other sports like Kiteboarding, and maybe they move on to something else latter but to each his own! Even after 27 years of windsurfing it's still a rush and I still get grumpie when I can't go. So grab a longboard, a FW board and just get out their and have fun, maybe we can inspire the younger generation with SUP and then when the wind picks up slap a sail on it and teach them to windsurf. It beats sitting in a beach chair getting sun burned! Warm winds and keep smiling! Mike
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