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too bad about the carve. What where your problems? And in what winds were you sailing with what sails/weight?
no doubt the Rocket will help out a lot. These are the super freeride boards according to several board tests (except their footstraps i read). It's a good plan to learn the basics of difficult techniques on bigger volume boards on which u can stand if you need to and then only go to the smaller boards.
Also a good idea with the GTX. The remedy's are more free freeride sails. The GTX is good if you just want to blast fast and you don't tumble in the water every jibe. I have on full cambered sail, 8.8, which i only sail on my GO139 on hwich i'm sure i can uphaul the sail, waterstarting that big chunk of sail with it's camberes is possible but it's hellisch at times even with a 100% C mast.
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