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Default RE: Terrible website

Actually (in reality) maybe more of a rant than you realise

" there are NO PICTURES of the board in question aside from the header action shot. This is a HUGE mistake..."

I agree we can (and will) show more board detail, however the board images ARE (and WERE) there. Did you click that little link that says"click here for more detail" ??

And what you see there now is less than was available on roll out :
(where each version of every size board was visible)
there's definitely been some issues (some could be expected, some could not) with the new website rollout and what you are looking at now (or on the 19th, when you posted the judgement) is not what we had originally, not what we will finish with either. Right now it's been patched to basic level to meet with some OS/browser mix issues.

There are content issues and there are server issues, these are well identified along with solutions, which will be implemented ASAP but in a manner that does not introduce more short term outage either (like propogation delays for another server transfer upgrade).

What's been interesting too is watching people's different reactions to this.
Some have shown patience and tolerance, others have rushed to throw fuel on the fire.
Some have sought or offered solutions, others just jumped for a chance to critisize.
Everyone's got their own attitude. Here. And in life.

It's been a mess, below our standards, and pretty frustrating for a lot of us - along with our users and customers. We know it can and will be better.
Thanks for reminding us..
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