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makes sence. Though as for the upwind thing: fins do make mroe difference on that aspect then you'd think. i had a crossover freeride fin at first with my freeride 113L board and it was worth nothing upwind (and had very little speed), but then i replaced it with a supercross fin and the board became an upwind machine with super controle. Ever since i onyl ride supercrosslike fins under my 113 L and slalom fins under my GO139. on both board, when planning, i have super upwind abileties.
I get why you'd get rid of a 111 L board if you can only sail it like 10% of the time. I got my 113 L board when i was only seeing big days 10 % of the time but i knew i'd be seeing mroe big days soon as i was getting my drivers licence and i'd be able to go out more often. Now i moved to holland to study and i only took my 113L with me and bought an additional 90 L and i'm sailing only on 15+ knt days else i'd neglect to study .
In the end, it's just about having a fun time on the water and coming back with a few good stories for your friends.
PS i don't know how much you weigh but it took me with my 90 K like 3 sessions before i got comfortable with the inboard settings of my 113L board as i couldn't uphaul on it. But once i got the hang of waterstarts and 'skating' (when i have just enough wind to stand on the board without sinking i take a skate position to keep the board from turning totally upwind) i just had to get good in the outboard settings and i was good to go.

hope you enjoy your tabou marek
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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