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1 - there's no warpaint or blame - it's simply trying to put changes in the sport in context. It is merely trying to understand, because without knowledge of what has happened how are we to know where to go?

2- Dedication? All you really need to windsurf is one board, one or two sails. Buy an ancient Wayler and chain it to a tree at a beach if you can't carry it. Put a pair of roofracks on your hatch. Sail once a fortnight.

Sure, there is SOME dedication required, but what sport or activity doesn't need some dedication.Fishing, hiking, SUVing, golf, canoeing, chess, running, bike riding all need some level of dedication - but those activities don't only promote the part that needs the greatest dedication. Why should windsurfing just promote the high-dedication end of the sport? Why not promote the whole sport like more popular sports do?

3- "How many folks do you know that have been windsurfing on a regular basis for over 23 years, especially advancing into their senior years?"

There are lots of people around here with 23+ years in the sport, including some approaching their senior years. There'd be about a dozen with that much experience in our club alone, as well as a fleet of under-15s. Some of them in the fleet are pretty good; one did the Olympics the year after you started, won two World Cups and the Aloha Classic, then did the last three Olympics, teaches kids most days a week and is trying to show them the full width of this sport rather than just a little bit.

And that, again, is all that some of us are saying. This sport is so great that we don't need to promote just a certain section of it, and that an image showing the whole sport could be a better way to show it off.
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