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Default getting "IT"

Interesting discussion.
It take a certain person to want to windsurf, they are NOT people who like instant gratification.
They are people who to mention just a few things,like a challenge, love the outdoors, water , the wind ,some or all of the above .
I believe with windsurfing , there is a go no go point. One gets to this point after a lot of effort, falling over and over again, getting back up and doing it over and "EUREKA" they have it!
Get a person to this stage and THEY GET IT!

The person feels the glide the sensation we all love.

Some will stop windsurfing , life and its demands will pre-empt the continuation of their windsufing story, other will contuinue at varying paces.
But even the ones that stop permanently got "IT".
They know what it is like and always will.
Like you 1st kiss.
I started windsurfing in 1982, my 1st board a rocket 99. I went throught the many incarnation, raced longboards, stopped that, then only high wind gear.

Went on many windsurfing vacations , felt i had done it all and felt burnt out.

I then tried keelboat racing. Bought small keelboat, crewed on a 40 footer for 8 years, now crew on a melges 24.

Even a boat like the melges, just DOES NOT compare.

I do both now BUT I am committed to windsurfing. I am now recreating the wheel, the one i once built and 15 years later buying an old f-2 race and going to do the longboard stuff again.

It just makes sense.

the costs are less, ....( sure i have 5 boards countless sails( some usless)but they all still work.

the big thing i only need me.
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