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The probelm with no cohesive wave, freestyle for that matter course or slalom pro events are two fold as I see them.

1. there is not a pipeline of kids coming up that have the means and opportunity to train and compete on a variety of levels. Most pros are young, and energetic. I would say enjoy giving back to the those coming up.

2. On the bright point there is starting to be grass roots wave events in Cape Hatteras, FL and CA. Now if we can put youth in those events with the oppurtunity to train with some of the experienced wave sailors in those areas, Voila.

I know that course racing types are starting to get their act together and provide the ladder to take someone who never-ever windsurfed to learning to windsurf, improving, learning to race, practicing, to going to races, practicing more, then starting to come in the lead.
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